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Start by filling in the dates for the monthly spreads. We don’t recommend you date the weekly and daily sections in advance. The benefit of an undated planner is that you don’t waste pages over a day or week when you’re off schedule and not using your planner.





Here's a list of quick tips to help you maximize the use of your Mountain Planner.


You’re going to be tempted to skip reflective writing and cut to the chase of your actual tasks and schedule. Don’t! Taking a few minutes to reflect on victories and gratitudes will help you be so much more productive over your weeks and days. It’s going to make you a happier person, and happier people accomplish far more than frazzled grouches.


Top Priorities for the Week is probably the most beautiful part of this planner. Spend an extra minute highlighting what your priorities are, then figure out how best to fit them into your daily schedule.


We left blank lines between every hour of the daily schedule. This allows you to subdivide your hours, eg. 10:30, 12:15.


For your daily Mission, choose something that will give you a sense of pride at the end of the day. Something that will allow you to say, “Today was a good day because _____________.”


Keep your Mountain Planner within reach throughout the day. You want to be able to jot down reminders and notes when the need arises so you don’t forget, and you want to be able to glance at the plans you’ve prepared and make sure you’re running on schedule.

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